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The South Yorkshire Good Credit Project

We believe that people should be able to access affordable credit if and when they need it, so that they aren’t pushed towards unaffordable high-cost credit that can have huge negative consequences.

The South Yorkshire Good Credit Project, run by the cross party think tank Demos, is working with housing providers, councils, employers and the voluntary sector to improve people’s access to good credit as an alternative to high-cost lending.

Good Credit Index

Our Good Credit Index, a groundbreaking new tool to map the UK’s credit environment, identified ‘credit deserts’ where people struggle to access affordable credit despite a clear need for it.

Without access to affordable credit, people are forced to rely on high cost short term credit, such as payday lenders, increasing the likelihood of debts spiralling out of control.

South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire highlights many of the credit challenges faced by people around the country. 

Our research found that Barnsley and Doncaster are both ‘credit deserts’ where affordable, transparent and fair credit is hard to come by. Rotherham and Sheffield also face a combination of poverty, thin credit files and high insolvency rates, increasing the need for good credit.

Our Project

We’re working with the mayor of Sheffield City Region, Dan Jarvis and people from across all sectors to improve the local credit environment.

Our project will kick-start new innovation and support existing initiatives to reduce credit need, improve credit scores, and ensure that more people in South Yorkshire have access to good credit when they need it.